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Date Letter No Subject From To
3.09.2013 No. 17-BDO-03-9020 / 22589 Appoint the IAS probationers as BDO From 02-10-2013 to 10-12-2012   PR Deptt.  
17.09.2012 No. 17-BDO-03-9020 / 16213 Shri Reghu G., IAS (P) is appoint as BDO Athamallik Block of Angul District in place of Parjang Block of Dhenkanal District   PR Deptt.  
05.09.2012 No. 17-BDO-03-9020 Appoint the IAS probationers as BDO From 03-10-2012 to 25-12-2012   PR Deptt.  
17.05.2012 No. 17-PLAN-08-1301-8990 Office Order   PR Deptt. The Secretary, State Election Commission, Bhubaneswar
19.04.2012 No. VI-NREGS -04/10-7285/PR Office Order   PR Deptt.  
21.03.2012 No. 462/SIRD Sanction of 2nd Installment State Share under SGSY for the Year 2011-12   PR Deptt. A G. (A&E) Odisha, Bhubaneswar
20.03.2012 No. 462/SIRD SIRD Auction Notice   PR Deptt. I&PR Department
23.12.2011 No.17-BDO-03-9001(24663) Notification   PR Deptt.  
01.11.2011 No.17-BDO-03-9001(21120) Notification   PR Deptt.  
24.09.2011 No.17-BDO-03-9001(pt) Notification   PR Deptt.  
20.09.2011 No.17-VIGM-26-9001 Notification   PR Deptt.  
20.09.2011 No.17-VIGM-26-9001-18966 Notification   PR Deptt.  
16.09.2011 No.17-BDO-03-9001-18689 Notification PR Deptt.  
30.08.2011 No.17-BDO-03-9001 (pt) Notification PR Deptt.  
30.08.2011 No.17-BDO-03-9001 Notification PR Deptt.  
20.08.2011 No. 17067 Notification   PR Deptt.  
23.08.2011 No. 17191 Notification   PR Deptt.  
17.08.2011 No. 16636 Notification   PR Deptt.  
25.05.2011 No. 17-SEC-18-9011-11285/PR Calendar for the three tire PRI General Election,2012 PR Deptt.  
25.05.2011 No. 17-SEC-18-9011-11282/PR Guid lines for reservation to the Offices of PRI members for the Election, 2012 PR Deptt.  
07.05.2011 No.17-BDO-03/9022-10193 Office Order PR Deptt.  
07.04.2011 No.17-EGOV-25/2018-8343 Office Order PR Deptt.  
30.10.2010 No.VI-NREGS-04/10-31654/PR Office Order PR Deptt.  
29.10.2010 No.II-FE-I 11/10/31580/PR Office Order PR Deptt.  
29.10.2010 No.I-FE-I 1/2010/31579/PR
Notification PR Deptt.  
29.10.2010 No.I-FE-11/2010(Pt)/PR
Notification PR Deptt.  
20.10.2010 No. Bud-III-66/09/30834/PR Forwarding the minutes of 4th Departmental Monitoring committee for the year 2010-11 on 12.10.2010 PR Deptt.  
23.09.2010 No.EG-I15/10
Quotation call Notice    
06.09.10 No.I-FE-127/10
Transfer of BDO Deputy Secretary to Government All BDO
06.09.10 No.I-FE-127/10
Appointment IAS Probationers of 2009 batch as BDO    
12.08.10 No. EG(I)-15/10/ 23470 Corringendum to Quotation Call Notice No. 22177    
23.12.08 No.PRI-I(iii)26/2008  48635/PR Devolution of Powers & Authorities to PRIs Joint Secretary to Government All Collectors
31.10.08 No.EG-(1)18/2008  42272/PR Quotation Call Notice for Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers & Peripherials (Ph-II) PR Deptt.  
16.09.08 No.PR(ZP)-15/2007. 37809/PR Enhancement of the hire charges of the vehicles & POL ceiling therof for use of President, Zilla Parishad & others-regarding. FA-cum-Joint Secretary to Government All Collectors-cum-Chief Executive Officers, Zilla Parisads
13.08.08 No.IIDec-50/2008 33357(19)/CS(PR) Ensuing Election to Urban Local bodies- Imposition of Model Code of Conduct-Ban on preparation of Annual Action Plan of BRGF for 2008-09 pertaining to Urban Areas-regarding. Chief Secretary & Chief Development Commissioner Collectors of 19 BRGF Districts
22.07.08 No.IIWE(I)-9/07
NREGS wage payment through post Office Savings Bank Account-
Expenditure under NREGS contigency exceeding 4% limit.
Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. All Collectors
19.06.08 No.SE(D) -13/08 25723/PR Furnishing of list of poor performing bank branches under SGSY for the year 2007-08 Deputy Secretary to Govt. Deputy Secretary to Govt. of India (MoRD)
17.06.08 No.25310(19)/PR Modified BRGF Guidelines for 2008-09 Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. Collectors of BRGF District
09.06.08 No.I-WE-42/08 Change of Districts of GPTAs Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. All Collectors / PD, DRDAs
05.06.08 No.PRI-I (I)-74/2008. 2398/PR Storage of rice/ food grains in G.P. Godown during Rainy Season Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. All Collectors
05.06.08 No.RE-51/05 (PT-III) NREGS- Some Instructions/Clarifications Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. All Collectors
08.05.08 No.I-WE-41/08 Job Chart of Gram Rozgar Sevaks Addl.Secretary to Govt. All Collectors/ PD,DRDAs /BDOs
01.05.08 D.O.No/10922/CS(PR) Institute of vigilance Inquiry againstSri K.N.Jena ex-project Director, DRDA, Dhenkanal Chief Secretary Sri. A.K.Patnaik, IPS,
Director-cum-Addl.D.G. of Police Vigilance, Orissa, Cuttack
21.04.08 No.SE(D)12/08 17300(84)/PR District-wise quarterly credit mobilization target under SGSY for the year 2008 - 09 Dy. Secretary to Govt All Collectors, P.D., DRDA's, Lead District Bank Managers
05.01.08 No.786(225)
Deadlines for submission of proposals relating to financial sanction and drawal of finds in the remaining part of the current financial year. Principal Secretary of Govt. All Principal secretaries
20.11.07 NoI-.RH-5/07(PT) 38238 (60) Proceedure for selection of beneficiaries for allotment of I.A.Y house where the 5 years permanent wait list has been exhausted. Directors & Additional Secy.. All Collectors
23.10.07 No.35026/PR.
AT- V- 291/07

Submission of further / final compliance report on the Special A/ R No.8/98-99 on the accounts of DRDA, Nabarangapur for the period from 10/93 to 3/97.

Panchayati Raj Deptt. Collector , Nabarangapur
05.10.07 No.III GM-67/07(part)
Compliance to the tour note fo the Shri R.K.Choudhury, Director, PR & Addl.Secy on his visit to Pipili Block on 29.08.07. Panchayati Raj All DRDAs/BDOs
04.09.07 No.AT-VII-31/07-29354/PR All the Auditors of Panchayatraj department are here by directed to follow the following guidelines for conduct audit of accounts of Sub-ordinate offices systematically. Panchayati Raj All Collectors/DRDAs/BDOs
08.10.07 No.33758/PR/DRDA--A-11/07 As per the existing instruction of panchayatraj Department DRDAs of all the 30 districts of the state remit funds under various schemes to DRDA Panchayati Raj All Collectors/DRDAs
20.08.07 No.27247/PR-II-WE-69/07 Permission for commercial internet connection as a second connectivity option. Panchayati Raj All DRDAs
02.04.07 No.IIV&I-41/07 11138 8937/PR Re-constitute the Vigilance & Mointoring Cell. Panchayati Raj All DRDAs
15.03.07 No.I-RH-106/06 8937/PR Sanction funds towards 2nd instalment of State Share (Normal)IAY. Panchayati Raj All DRDAs
14.03.07 No.I-RH-106/06 8937/PR Sanction funds towards 2nd instalment of State Share (Normal)IAY. Panchayati Raj All DRDAs
14.03.07 No.I-RH-3/07 8634/PR Sanction funds towards 2nd instalment of State Share (Normal)IAY. Panchayati Raj All DRDAs
22.07.06 NO.IFE(II) 1/06(pt-II) 7601/PR Transfer of Junior Engineers. Panchayati Raj All Collector of 19 NREGA Districts.
22.06.06 NO.MIC-I(OREGS) 1/06 /5762/PR Taking up projects by lineDepartment under NREGA such as afforestation,water conservation and drought mitigation works etc.. Panchayati Raj All Collector of 19 NREGA Districts.
22.06.06 NO.MIC-I(OREGS) 1/06 /5762/PR Observations of Secretary,MORD,Govt.of India. Panchayati Raj All Collector
02.06.06 NO.SE(D)-5/06 /9563/PR Quarterly credit mobilisation tergets under SGSY for the year 2006-07 Panchayati Raj All Collector
27.05.06 NO.4169/PR/MIS-1 OREGS-10/06 Maintenance of documents/Registers/Information at various Levels. Panchayati Raj All Collector
27.05.06 NO. Strategy for implementation of SGSY. Panchayati Raj All Collector
25.04.06 NO.3652/II-WE(1)/11-06 Proceeding of the meeting of P.D,DRDAs & APD, (MIS) 19 NREGA Districts. Panchayati Raj All Collector
25.04.06 NO.3342//PR RE51/05 Printing of forms under NREGA and takeing Photograph for the Job. Panchayati Raj All Collector
07.04.06 NO.2636//PR RE51/05 Guide lines for rervations to the officers of PRI members for the election 2007. Panchayati Raj All Collector
20.03.06 NO.2636//PR RE51/05 Issue of Job Cards to registered households. Panchayati Raj All Collector
13.03.06 NO.2345/PR RE-(I) 17-05 Implementation of NREGA Panchayati Raj All Collector
04.02.06 NO.1065/PR Weekly reporting of numbers of Registration Block-wise Panchayati Raj All Collector
24.09.05 NO.II FE(I )13/2005 12508 GPEOs and P.As who have been recommended by the DPC for Promotion to the rank ABDO Panchayati Raj All Collector
09.2.06 No.1276 EG-III-3/06 Online Monitering of NREGA. Panchayati Raj All Collector
13.2.06 No.1289 RE-51-/05 Notification Decleraing PD DRDA as Addl. DPC . Panchayati Raj All Collector
13.2.06 No.1295 RE-51-05 Notification declearing Commissinoer-cum-secretary PR Dept as SPC & Director (SP) as Addl SPC . Panchayati Raj All Collector
13.2.06 No.1292 RE-51-05 Notification declearing ABDO as Addl Programme Officers. Panchayati Raj All Collector
16.2.06 No 1431 RE 51/ 2005(Pt) Coding System for new Families which have not been household coding in the BPL census-2002 Panchayati Raj All Collector
15.02.06 No.EG(I)-07/06 1408 (18)/PR Minutes of the Workshop on MIS & NREGA held on 6.02.06 in the conference hall of SIRD ,Bhubaneswar Panchayati Raj All Collector
18.02.06 No.1531-SGSY-II(ORMAS)-1/2005 Convergence of marketing of rural products Panchayati Raj All PD DRDAs
25.02.06 No.1765-RE-5/05 Execution of works under NREGA through VLL Panchayati Raj All PD DRDAs
27.02.06 No.2577(60) RE-57/05(P-II) Observance of Panchayati Raj Divas on 5 th Marrch .2006 and instructionas regarding. Panchayati Raj All PD DRDAs
27.02.06 No.1787-RE-51/05(pt)/PR Financial Management of projects of projects executed under NREGA / Operational Guidelines issued by Ministery of Rural Development,Govt.of India. Panchayati Raj All PD DRDAs
02.03.06 No.2069 RE 51/05/PR Implemptation and online Monitoring of NREGA 2005/OREGS. Panchayati Raj All PD DRDAs
07.03.06 No.2205 /PRS RE 51/05 Irrigation facilities to the land owened by Tribals . Panchayati Raj All PD DRDAs


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