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25-Sep-2013 Disciplinary Proceedings 24128 PADM-17-19--2056(Pt.I)/13 Under Secretary
 Kendrapara--PD DRDA
Allegation villagers-Gangapada
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24127 PADM-17-19--2056(pt-I)/13 Under Secretary
Allegation-Abadalpur village............
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24126 PADM-17-19--2056/13 Under Secretary
 Nayagarh--PD DRDA
Allegation -Machhapada villager
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24125 PADM-17-19--2056-/13 Under Secretary
Allegation-Regarding - Balapur
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24124 PADM-17-19--2056(pt.I)/13 Under Secretary
AllegationRegarding................ Banki Block
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24123 PADM-17-19--2056(pt-I)/13 Under Secretary
Representation of Sri S.Das
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24122 PADM-17-19--2056(Pt.1)/13 Under Secretary
Representation of Sri D.Samal
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24121 PADM-17-19--2057/13 Under Secretary
 Khurdha--PD DRDA
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24120 PADM-17-19--2057/13 Under Secretary
 Treasury Officer,Special Treasury,OLA,BBSR--Sub Treasury
25-Sep-2013 Miscellaneous 24119 PADM-17-19--2057/13 Under Secretary
1 - 10 out of 159 Available Records